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From Google Play Support: "This is a notification that your application, Star Wars - Force Scramble, with package ID com.electricblacksheep.forcescramble, has been removed from the Google Play Store. REASON FOR REMOVAL: Violation of the intellectual property and impersonation or deceptive behavior provisions of the Content Policy...."

  • In the main description was stated that "Star Wars, including the characters and vehicles are copyright by LUCASFILM LTD and the WALT DISNEY COMPANY. This is just a fan-made, non-commercial project.".
  • My only purpose was to offer a free app under "FAIR USE" of rights.
  • I was never asked anyone to give me his/her names or any kind of personal data and i'm also not mislead anyone by presenting myself other as i am.

As far as i know the copyrights owner has newer bothered by the fans who express their gratitude in ways like creating games and fun fiction movies based arund the Star Wars universe and with that vitalize the franchise. As there is still a lot of Star Wars themed free app (even clearly unlicenced and offered for money too) in the Google Play market i don't understand the exact reason why must this to happen that only my app must be removed. Based on that i don't think it was Google who done it. Maybe (but hardly) someone sees it as a rival app or simply one who doesn't like it so much...? I am sad. :( Last time i checked it was the sixth place in Google Play if you put "Star Wars" in the searchbox. It reached almost 110.000 download only on Google Play. The survey has been filled out by more than 1500 people. With that at least i have a little more chance to get the licence...