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Currently i'm working on the following updates:


New ships! The Tie Bomber, Tydirium, the Millenium Falcon and Vaders Ship are all ready to fly.

Tie BomberVaderMillenium Falcon

Boba Fetts Slave 1 is under construction.


Some ship has been re-modelled and textured to be more detailed compared to previous version. Now almost every ship has glowing engines or some lights on it.

Tie remodelledInterceptor remodelledSpeeder remodelled


After a ship gets hit by enemy lasers it will do some spinning before explosion.

The big ships can be destroyed. Wreckage appears after the ships (or some targets) are exploded. 


Cockpit view for all ship in every stages is under construction.

cockpi A-Wing


  • The install location changes to "automatic" between internal and external SD to prevent some install errors.
  • The control buttons will be more transparent. They will not cover the screen..
  • Little speed up
  • less collision error (there are still few)
  • the music can be switched ON/OFF if it is disturbing.
  • The visual quality is adjustable between 1-5. (1-without shadows and low res textures ... 5. hi-res shadows and textures)


Still under way:

  • Proton torpedo
  • Radar
  • Levels like Asteroid chase, Deathstar missions ...
  • .. harpooning the walkers. 
  • Correcting the AI.

I know that many people want ground forces, more "Battleground" feeling, multiplayer, other timelines and stuff but everithing needs time!