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Please take the time and read. (For fans and haters too!)

Please read below my thoughts and the things that need to be cleared.

Force Scramble is being more popular than I thought! THANK YOU!

Maybe the "work in progress" was misleading a little bit, it's my fault. I started The Force Scramble (as described in google's main description screen) as a GFX DEMO, and not a GAME demo, more like a benchmark of some kind (just the hangars) and for learning purposes. The controls wasn't my main priority. During the creation I experimented more and more, for example by adding the shooting parts in it! As a big fan of Star Wars and as there are no official X-Wing, Rogue Squadron or Battlefront games for mobiles except of one or two unofficial ones I decided to publish it with all the progress I made so far. I did not want to leave the other levels out and make just a one-two scene benchmark.  I am aware that there is a huge amount of space shooter games that were created with more capacity, by many and more skilled people than me. Still please realise that this App (and NOT GAME DEMO) is free for you and it is a one man project. I know that I am not a programing genius but I am doing my best to develope myself. There in no ensurance, but if this could be a real game than please help me to achive it.

Momentarly the app is still in an early stage. I am a newcomer to this field, just learning the pros and cons of the markets and have to (re)consider the possibilities inadvertising (which are already added to the app) and donations as well, not to mention getting the licence that would be a huge progress, but can also have a negative outcome if Disney shuts down the whole project! :( Most people don't realize that there is no sufficient financial and material resource behind a project like this and as much as I want to make it free, it still has to be made from something. :S Don't think that simply by placing ads in it, it produces profit, because it doesn't. I cannot invest so much effort and time in it, unless it is somewhat worth financially. At least it is sure that it won't become a paid app and no InAppPurchase will be integrated. I received a few mails from people who offered me help developing a game of it, but of course not for free, which is understandable.

If I make it a paid app, then I must get the copyright licence. A few people would maybe actually buy it (as I read in the comments :D) but the others will download it from pirate sites.


When you make ME a comment please use English, German (or Hungarian) if possible. The google translator can't give back the real meaning of a complex sentence.

Please don't use just a one word comments like s#!t (and i don't mean SITH) or sleng words, because then I don't know why you don't like it, or what do you mean at all. 

Describe what you don't like, otherwise I won't know what and how to fix!

This also applies for making comments to OTHERS. I'm not making rules. It's up to you how you behave of course, but please don't let it become a place of insults just because you can! 


The Unity 3d engine is free to use for everyone, there are a lot of scripts precoded in it but by simply using this scripts you won't be able to create an app like Force Scramble. It's not hard to learn the basics, but even in a not so complex app like this you can easily lost yourself in the coding or finding workarounds for problems. I am only begining to learn programing and the Unity engine's possibilities. What I really can do is the gfx part. Modelling, making all the 3d/2d gfx, programming etc. isn't easy and takes a lot of time. 

Unity is (mostly) responsible for displaying contents visually but it is the developer who actually creates the app, it's not made by the engine itself. It is known that Unity has limitations and issues with multicore CPUs and Tegra devices (etc.).


You can download the app even if your device doesn't reach the minimum requirements. There are several various devices with different amount of RAM and screen resolution (from 480x320 to 2560x1600), 1/2/4 core CPU and GPU, with or without gyro sensors or physical buttons. Between two CPU with the same number of cores and Mhz could be very large difference in processing power. Same applies to GPUs as well. The screen resolution is mostly adaptable, or at least it should be, but unfortunately not always. I can't do anything to reduce the loading or downloading time, not mentioning again that the Unity engine is not very friendly with Tegra based devices etc. There are many thousands of devices around the globe and the commonly spread ones have many variants in various parts of the world, which are totatlly different from each other. As I can't test the demo on every singe device, I won't exclude any. It is impossible to make an aplikacion that runs and looks the same on all devices from the smallest or slowest phones to the largest high-end tablets. What I can do is to recomend a minimum requirement, which enables the app to run as inquired. That is why I'm asking you people to please don't give a low rating for this app, and not because I want to make a number one hit.

Everybody likes to have as many five stars as possible, mee too :), but if you are in the opinion that you don't like it, of course you have the right to leave low scores, but than at least please do it with a valid reason. There are a lot of people, who can reasonable explain why they don't like it. Well-founded negative comments are always most welcome, because then I know what to modify or upgrade. So my final words on this issue are that I am not asking for five stars and only positive comments. Reasonable criticism can give a huge push but unnecessary vulgarity and "I don't know why, but it is s#!t" comments bring nothing. (And honestly, it's also a bit annoying.)

Thanks to YOU people, fortunately the most of those comments are positive.


If you are a developer too or you can make java codes in Unity very fast and are willing to help me, don't hasitate to to send me those codes.

Right now you can support me by buying my other game(s).


It is not just giving and it's not a bad game too as I think! :P

..or download my demos and install some of the games that pops up in the ads because that means financial help! :)

Donations to the developer:


Thank you again and best regards,